Strategy of Implementation 
A Standard Treatment Guideline has been developed to Standardize Treatment & Care at the Primary Health Care level facilities throughout the State.

Process of implementation:

  1. Development of a Standard Treatment Guidelines (STG) for the use of the medical officers of the Primary Level Health Care Facilities.
  2. Development of an Operational Manual as a guideline for the implementation of the STG.
  3. Training of the facility heads on the use and implementation of the STG.
  4. Orientation of the monitoring officers in the technique of facility assessment.
  5. Training of the data entry operators for management of the data generated
  6. Drawing up of six monthly calendars for facility visits. Each facility is to be visited at least once in six months.
  7. Structured facility assessment through a checklist on (a) providers’ availability and practices, (b) infrastructure, (c) infection prevention and practices (d) equipment and supplies and (e) output indicators.
  8. Identification of gaps and taking corrective actions at the facility/local, district and state level.

        Implementation of the STG should lead to:

    • Use of Standardized  OPD/Emergency tickets
    • Improvement in prescribing habit
    • Prescribing medicines in generic names.
    • Prescribing from the Essential Drug List
    • Congenial environment for the providers
    • Client satisfaction
    • Managers/administrators satisfied with the outcome of the services.
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