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All the user of the website of the Institute of Health and Family Welfare, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal.

Prof. (Dr.) Soumendra Nath Banerjee

Introduction to section dealing with the implementation of the Standard Treatment Guidelines.

Overall objective : Rapid dissemination of information to and obtaining feed back from the viewers on issues related to the implementation of the Standard Treatment Guidelines.

In pursuance to the decision of the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal the IHFW Kolkata guided the development of a Standard Treatment Guidelines and an Operational Manual to streamline its implementation at the Basic/Primary level health care facilities. The aim is to standardize treatment, referral, prescribing habit, infrastructure, supplies, providing skilled manpower, monitoring and evaluation and maintenance and use of data. The process will lead to increased client, provider and management satisfaction; ensure quality of service and increased output.

Activities taken up : The document was piloted for a period of six months from July to December 2009 in the districts of North and South 24 Paraganas.

Following preparatory activities were taken up :

  1. Printing of the STG
  2. Printing of an Operational Manual to guide the implementation and evaluation of the effectiveness of the programme.
  3. Training of the facility heads of the pilot districts by faculty members from Medical Colleges who prepared the STG.
  4. Orientation of State and District Nodal Officers, State Level Monitoring Officers, faculty members of Kolkata based medical colleges and district and subdivision level monitoring officers. They were oriented on the use of tools for facility assessment including exit interview of clients, prescription auditing, identifying the gaps and adopting corrective actions at the local, district and state level.
  5. Training of the data entry operators to capture the data generated during the facility assessment and its follow up actions.

Results of pilots were shared in a state level review meeting. The experience gained was considered   to be encouraging and decision has been taken for state wide scale up.

The scaling up will be taken up in three phases as follows :

  1. The two pilot districts will merge the implementation with the regular MIES programme
  2. Howrah, Hooghly, Nadia and Bardhaman will be adopted as  phase I districts. All the facility heads will be trained for two days in eight batches. All the monitoring officers will be trained for one and a half day in four batches @ one batch per district. 8 data entry operators @ 2 per district will be trained for a half day in one batch. All the above trainings will be organized in the IHFW, Kolkata.
  3. Remaining 12 districts will be taken up as Phase II districts. The District Nodal Officer and 6 key officers from each district will be trained (TOT) for 3 ½ days, in three batches, as follows: 2 days as facility heads and 1 1/2 days as monitoring officers. On their return to the districts these officers will train up all the facility heads and the monitoring officers.24 Data Entry Operators @ 2 per district will be trained for ½ day on data management in one batch. The above two trainings will be held in the IHFW. The faculty members from the Department of Pharmacology and Community Medicine of Kolkata based medical colleges will be allotted one district each. These officers will guide the district level training programmes and implementation of the STG.

The following documents have been developed for the above activities and will be available in the website :

  1. Standard Treatment Guidelines
  2. Operational Manual
  3. Presentations use by the trainers while training on STG. The contact numbers of the trainers have been shown. These faculty members may be approached for any clarification on their subject. Presentation on Prescription Audit
  4. Presentation on the training on facility assessment.
  5. Presentation on the training on prescription audit.
  6. Presentations made during the third and final review of the piloting of the STG.
  7. Presentation on Bio Medical Waste Management.
  8. We are also trying to include animations on :
    • Steps of hand washing
    • Disposal of sharps and
    • Method of putting on and taking out gloves

The contact numbers e-mail address and website of the institute is given above and interested viewers may contact the appropriate authority for any assistance/clarification.

I shall be happy if the website is used widely and the STG be implemented in befitting manner.

Yours faithfully,
Prof. S.N. Banerjee
Director, IHFW, Kolkata & DME & e.o. Secy.,
Deptt. of  Health & F.W., GoWB.

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