Organization Chart


No. of Rooms





3 (Three)

One Reception Centre

Office of the Faculty Members & Consultant

Modern Office Furniture & accessories with all official facilities

A.C. Office with installed PC’s telephone, fax, scanner, Broadband Internet Facility, LAN System etc.

Teleconferencing (under process)

Not yet Arranged But a provision is to be arranged.

Seating Desk with Office Tables and necessary attachment.

Seating Desk with Laptop, Desktop, webcam and attached necessary Equipment.


a website of the Institute being launched on 26th July 2010.


All the existing Terminals are connected to Internet.


3 (three)  --à Existing
One Study Room

One Internet Room

Construction of modern Library building with readers facilities having greater stock of Health Care books / modules / journals will  just beginning as per decision in the last G.B. Meeting of the Institute.

A.C. Study Room with smart finished Wooden Study Desk with organized Books Self arrangement desks.

P.C. , Laptop, Laser Printer, Scanner with Internet facility and Computerized Indexing System of all Medical Books and Journals.

Computer Lab

1 (one)

Wooden PC table & comfortable chair in a series type sitting arrangement

20 nos. PC’s with LAN system through ethernet Hub, Printer with BroadBand Internet Facility.

Installed White Board and Computerized Projection System

Counseling Room

2 (two)

Wooden Modern Round Table with Desk and good sitting arrangement.

A.C. Room with PC, Laptop & Projector Machine with BroadBand Internet Facility.

Any other :  Specify

1st Floor :
Room for Faculty Member in the first floor and other rooms have been alloted to the deptt.

1 (one) Big Conference Hall & 2 (two) Small Conference cum Counseling Hall (Ground Floor)

 The additional floor (2nd floor) of the Administrative Building is under construction which will consist of

  1. Two more Big Conference Hall
  2. Faculty Room
  3. One Store Office etc.

Two Hostel Rooms with boarding capacity of 55 persons of which
 6 (six) A.C. Rooms, 4 (four)   A.C. Cabin etc.

Canteen facilities with reasonable prices on food products.

Institute of Health & Family Welfare like any other modern Institute is equipped with all modern Teaching aids available at IHFW and which have been incorporated.

The following Medical Journal and guide line have recently been published by the Institute of Health & Family Welfare Kolkata over and above the innumerable stock of Medical Journal Modules available at the Study Centre :---

  1. Revised Standard Treatment Guide Lines on STG Project.
  2. Operational Manual on STG Project.
  3. A Teacher’s Training Guide Line will be published soon.
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