NIH&FW for Distant Education

Courses offered

  1. One year Certificate Course in Hospital Management through distance learning.

  2. One year Certificate Course in Health & Family Welfare and Community Welfare Management through distance learning.


Technical Supporting Staff under NRHM & RCH- II  Project sponsored by the NIHFW, New Delhi.
Consultant  --   Sanctioned post :  3  (one in position from Community Medicine)
Computer Assistant (2)
Personal Assistant   (1)
Accounts Assistant  (1)

Name of the Technical Support Staff (NRHM & RCH --  II Project, New Delhi
Smt.  Leena Datta  --                    (Personal Assistant)
Smt. Pinki Chaki --                        (Computer Assistant)
Smt. Bobby Pain --                       (Computer Assistant)
Shri Arup Banerjee --                    (Accounts Assistant)


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