Handbook for Medical Officers
Handbook for the newly recruited Medical Officers
Message from Hon'ble Chandrima Bhattacharya, Minister of State, Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal
Message from Hon'ble Sanjay Mitra, I.A.S., Principal Secretary, Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal
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Chapter 1 : Know Your Community
1.1.  Purpose of knowing the community
1.2.  Importance of various factors affecting health
1.3.  Know your health area and estimate its population and beneficiaries
1.4.  Identify different localities and health resources
1.5.  Health problems and utilization of health services
1.6.  Community perception of health problems and health services
1.7.  Generate suggestions and make decisions
1.8.  Rapport building

Chapter 2 : Know Your Organisation
2.1.  The organogram
2.2.  Functions of different branches of directorate
2.3.  Healthcare functions of service facilities

Chapter 3 : Know The Health Programmes
3.1.  Facility wise service delivery components
3.2.  National Health Programmes
3.3.  Staffing norm of hospitals under West Bengal
3.4.  Drugs and equipment
3.5.  Physical infrastructure
3.6.  Capacity building
3.7.  Quality assurance in service delivery
3.8.  Record maintenance
3.9.  Maintenance of accounts
3.10. Know the principles of biomedical waste management in your facility
3.11. Know the civil registration system
3.12. Know your role in disasters and epidemics

Chapter 4 : Know Your Financial Resources
4.1.  Economic factors
4.2.  Productive factors

Chapter 5 : Know The Planning, Monitoring, Supervision And Team Building
5.1.  Planning
5.2.  Monitoring
5.3.  Supervision
5.4.  Health team building
5.5.  Conflict management

Chapter 6 : Know Your Medico-Legal Responsibilities
6.1.  Introduction
6.2.  Guidelines


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